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Dear MoveOn member,

Great news! The National Marine Fisheries Service denied a request from California agribusiness to take the endangered orcas of the Pacific Northwest off the endangered species list. Thousands of MoveOn signed the petition to protect the orcas—started by Steve Mashuda and Earthjustice—and we won! 

Here's a full update from Steve:  
Thanks to you, we fought to keep protections for endangered Northwest orcas, and we won!

On Friday, the National Marine Fisheries Service denied a misguided request by agribusiness interests to strip the last remaining 84 southern resident orcas of critical endangered species protections. 

You are truly a hero for orcas. Earlier this year, you, along with 136,000 concerned citizens, stood up for this incredible species by telling the National Marine Fisheries Service to deny a petition to strip southern resident orcas of their federal protections based on the scientifically-flawed premise that all orcas are the same. And thanks to your outpouring of support, the National Marine Fisheries Service listened.

Earthjustice has been successfully fighting in court for more than a decade to protect this critically endangered group of whales. With this victory, it's clear that the American public overwhelmingly supports doing everything we can to protect and recover these unique creatures.

Thank you again for speaking out for orcas, other wildlife, and our ocean ecosystems.


Steve Mashuda, Attorney, Earthjustice

Thanks for all you do.

–Steven, Mariana, Nick, Matt P., and the rest of the team

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