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Save Japan Dolphins Campaign 
Partners with Save Misty the Dolphin for Japan Dolphins Day 2013

June 10, 2013 by David Phillips, Save Japan Dolphins
Earth Island Institute’s Save Japan Dolphins (SJD) Campaign has partnered with the Save Misty the Dolphin (SMTD) social media campaign to facilitate Japan Dolphins Day (JDD) 2013, happening on September 1st, 2013. This year’s JDD will feature a new website,, where people can create their own events or join existing ones.

JDD is an annual day of action that unites individuals, activists and organizations in cities around the globe in order to voice concern over the dolphin hunting practices that are carried out in Taiji, Japan. The aim of JDD is to end the hunts and eliminate the demand for captive dolphin entertainment such as dolphinariums and swim-with-dolphin programs.  In 2012 alone, there were nearly 100 events in cities around the world, including Tel Aviv, London, Bangkok, Los Angeles, and dozens more.

The hunting season in Taiji begins on September 1st each year and runs through March-April. During this time hundreds of dolphins are brutally killed for their meat. Live dolphins are also captured and sold to captivity facilities in countries around the world. This lucrative trade in live dolphins adds significant financial incentive for the hunts to continue each year.

This year, SJD and SMTD have joined forces in order to augment JDD 2013’s international presence and to streamline the event creation and registration process. An innovative web platform has been established that will provide event organizers with personal event pages and easier access to materials, forums and other resources.

Says Ric O’Barry, SJD Campaign Director and JDD founder: “This year’s JDD will be bigger and better than ever. We need as many people as possible to head out to local events on Sept. 1 to say ‘No!’ to dolphin abuse. We will not give up until these hunts are stopped for good.”

It is important to note that most Japanese people do not even know the dolphin hunts occur -- the hunts have been deliberately hidden from the public by the Japanese government and the dolphin hunters, along with a compliant national media.  Most Japanese do not eat dolphin meat and, when shown video of the hunts, are appalled by the slaughter.  Many Japanese are thrilled with whale- and dolphin-watching trips, which are growing along the Japanese coast.  JDD strives not only to urge the Japan government to end the hunts, but also tries to educate the Japanese people about the hunts, the toxic dangers of eating dolphin meat, and the alternatives to dolphin hunting, such as dolphin watching, that are available.

SJD and SMTD anticipate record numbers of global events for JDD 2013. To date, JDD has seen increasing attendance numbers each year, as public awareness and concern grow. JDD 2013 will make significant contributions to the dialogue surrounding the hunts in Taiji and dolphin captivity.

You can create an event or join an existing one in your city at

Visit for more information about the hunts.

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