Monday, September 16, 2013



Surfboards made from ocean trash 
and found marine debris surfboard 
as functional art. 
Featured in movie One Beach.
Visit theinertia~dot~com

Beach-trash-boogie Board
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Genius River Bridge, made with marine debris 
by Artist tico "Pancho"
Visit en~dot~wikipedia~dot~org

Seahorse made from plastic beach finds 
brings attention to issue of plastics in the ocean.
Visit turn-on-the-lights0~dot~blogspot~dot~com

Check out the art made from plastic trash at Gartbage~dot~org
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GartBAGE = Ocean trash a whale of a problem.
Que Sera Sera Recycled Art
Visit gartbage~dot~org

Turtle art project out of garbage
Visit gartbage~dot~org

13 Fantastic Fish Sculptures Made With OceanTrash
Visit greenecoservices~dot~com

Made from ocean debris and L.A.river debris
Repinned via Green Eco Services

Judith Selby Lang and Richard Lang of San Francisco's Electric Works Gallery make beautiful art from all that plastic junk that winds up in the Pacific Ocean.

Visit artpractical~dot~com

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