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(RU) / Gerlingen 09/08/2013

When fishing of wild orcas and beluga whales in the waters of Russia, the animals are separated from their social groups and many are already dying before their actual trip in zoos and dolphins in the United States, Egypt, Turkey and other countries begins.

Also, the transport is connected to the animals with a lot of stress and danger, for they are reloaded in Belgium, leading to numerous deaths among marine mammals. According to the World Conservation Monitoring Centre at least 263 living belugas from Russia were exported between 1990 and 2010. Now the animal rights organization PETA Germany eV turns off (for all animals of the group Whales Latin term) to an end and to prohibit the capture and export of marine mammals with a request to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the sad fate of the freedom-loving cetaceans.

"Russia hunt whales, in order to export to marine zoos around the world. Mainly, these are to beluga whales, but "Dr. Tanya Breining, campaign manager for marine mammals at PETA Germany eV" there are also other types caught Russia is an influential and powerful nation in the world as a promising model for dealing should be used with whales and other marine mammals. "

Fortunately, rejected the American NOAA Fisheries on 6 Augustus the request of Giorgia aquarium on the import of 18 belugas from Russia from. The reason for this, the apprehension was called, among other things, the beluga population could not recover from the excessive fishing expeditions Russia. Moreover, it is in five animals at only one and a half year old calves that are still breastfed and are thus dependent on their mothers. Against this background, PETA expects that President Putin led the return of the whales in their home waters.

Leading scientists and billions of people around the world agree that cetaceans do not belong to dolphins - no matter how big they may be. The highly intelligent and social animals are extremely limited in psychological and physiological differences in each concrete pools.

The populations of cetaceans in freedom can not be maintained if the stocks are minimized by the hunting and export of animals. Marine mammals need legal protection and habitats in which they may not be hunted and captured.

PETA advocates a ban on marine mammals in zoos and dolphin shows and fight for a ban on exports of animals.

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