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LESS THAN 30 DAYS Until IOC Names 2020 Host City; How YOU Can Help; New Article & Video!

LESS THAN 30 DAYS Until IOC Names 2020 Host City; 
How YOU Can Help; New Article & Video!

We DO NOT advocate a boycott of Japan or Japanese products, nor do we wish to incite any negativity toward Japanese citizens. Many Japanese people are unaware of this horror or are against it. We want to put pressure on Japan’s government to stop funding these slaughters, and let them know that neither the WORLD nor the International Olympic Organizing Committee condones such cruelty.

August 10, 2013 | News, Protests

Update — lots to talk about, dolphin lovers!

As you know, the Global Olympic Dolphins Campaign is calling upon the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to follow the rules of their own Environmental Mandate and address Japan’s cetacean hunts. The Japanese government, by permitting the hunts and captures, is ignoring international outrage over these slaughters. We are asking the IOC to disqualify Tokyo, Japan’s Host City Candidacy for the 2020 Olympics, unless the slaughters stop! Japan’s actions are a violation of the spirit of the Olympics, the Olympic Charter, as well as their own National Olympic Committee’s Environmental Policy, as touted on their website.

Less than 30 days left!!! Time is running out! September 7th–the date on which the host city will be chosen–will be here before we know it. We have to keep up the pressure to make sure the IOC follows its own Charter!

Japan professes to abide by all Olympic Charter mandates, including being committed “to obey environmental law and other environmental guidelines.” Japan’s actions demonstrate that just the opposite is true–they are violating environmental laws and pillaging the oceans of marine animals. A country demonstrating such contempt for the environment and its inhabitants doesn’t deserve the honor of hosting Olympic games.

Here’s how you can help our campaign succeed in convincing the IOC to reject Tokyo’s Host City candidacy–unless the Japanese government ENDS the Taiji Dolphin Slaughters and whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary!

Visit our website for more information! Our “About” page contains a more detailed description of our organization.  See our “Facts” page for background material regarding the hunts.  Our “Take Action” page shares more ways you can help dolphins and whales. Visit our “IOC Emails” page to see all of our written correspondence with the IOC. You can also view our Olympic Dolphins campaign videos and read news stories about us here!!

Sign and share the Petition!  If you haven’t already signed our petition, please do so here, and don’t forget to share it! :)

Follow us on Twitter (click here!)! Please help us tweet about our campaign! You can retweet ours, or write your own using hashtags #Tokyo2020, #IOC, #Olympics, #Tears4taiji

Write to the IOC! Let’s flood the representatives with letters and emails! We’ve made it easy for you! See instructions on our “Take Action” page (see the final item in arrowed list).

Attend a local Japan Dolphins Day Event! Demonstrations are happening worldwide on 1 September, 2013. Fore more info, visit the global Japan Dolphins Day events page here.

See The Cove and Blackfish!  For many cetacean advocates, The Cove was the impetus which compelled them to action. In this 2009 Academy Award-winning documentary, starring Ric O’Barry, ex-trainer turned world-renowned dolphin activist, a team of investigators go undercover in Japan to document the Taiji dolphin massacres — and expose the inextricable link with the captive dolphin industry.  Blackfish is a new documentary film which chronicles the tragic story of Tilikum, SeaWorld’s largest captive breeding bull orca, who is responsible for the death of three people — including senior trainer, Dawn Brancheau. The movie also exposes the abuse, suffering, wrongness and devastating consequences of keeping orcas imprisoned in captivity.  Several people who witnessed the attacks come forward to share their stories, and former SeaWorld trainers also speak out

Read Death At SeaWorld!  In this powerful book, investigative journalist David Kirby exposes dark truths about the captive cetacean industry and the protracted suffering endured by their prisoners.  This carefully-researched book focuses on the tragic life of Tilikum, and his involvement in three deaths, as well as the highly flawed and controversial practices of SeaWorld.  Ex-trainers share their experiences, regarding Sea World’s unforgivable practices and the immense cruelty of keeping orcas in captivity.

Watch Livestream coverage of the Taiji Dolphin Hunts.  The killing begins again on September 1st — unless we stop it!  Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians and Save Japan Dolphins Cove Monitors independently report live from the Cove in Taiji throughout the killing season.  Follow @CoveGuardians and @sjdolphins on Twitter for updates.  Cove Guardians’ broadcasts can be viewed here.

~*MUST-SEE! Exclusive two-page article in The Daily Record!*~

Shona's article in premier Scotland paper 6.10.13 resized for update

Shona Lewendon, petition author and founder of Olympic Dolphins, has just been featured in a two-page spread in one of Scotland’s premiere newspapers, The Daily Record! This article is a must-read for anyone interested in learning more about Shona’s inspiration for her petition; how her boys support her and how she copes with work, parenting and directing a very large global activism campaign.  The article can be found here! Please share far and wide! <3

~*Our Latest Video: A Compilation Of Images From Our Worldwide Protests on 29.6.13*~

On 29 June, 2013, we held our second series of worldwide events, following (and superseding!) the success of our Global Taiji Action Day ~ Olympic Challenge events held on 22 February 2013.  Over 80 demonstrations were held on these two days.  Check out our latest video, featuring a photo montage honoring our demonstrators during Global Olympic Dolphins Campaign events (a montage from our 22 February events can be found here)!  Thousands of supporters, from all over the world, joined forces in protesting Japan’s bid for host city of the 2020 Olympics Games. We are so appreciative of all event hosts and attendees who devoted their time and energy to join the cause!

To all who have supported this campaign, THANK YOU from our hearts. Together, we truly can change the world!  Always remember the Golden Rule of Activism:  ~*NEVER BE SILENT! NEVER GIVE UP!*~


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